WI PC Pack / 7+2 Presets
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WI Mobile Pack / 7 Presets
Please fill out the form below in order to get payment link and download link
Amazing @WeddingInspiration Presets Pack for Lightroom
WI collection of presets will be the perfect addition to every photographer's workflow.
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WI Ligtroom Desktop Presets
$ 39
7 Color Presets, 2 BW Presets, Lens Correction, Noise Preset. Clean images, soft colours and beautiful skin tones.
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WI Mobile Presets
$ 29
7-colors Mobile Presets created for photographers, both amateur and professional the prefect way to enhance all mobile photos!
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7 Presets in WI Pack:
WI - 01
WI - 02
WI - 03
WI - 04
WI - 05
WI - 06
WI - 07

Your photos at @WeddingPhotoInspiration & @WIPresets !

How many presets are in WI pack?

WI Pack contains 9 presets: 7 color + 2 black&white

Do I need a software to use the WI presets?

You need the Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC" for desktop to use our presets ( Mac OS & Windows ). And the Lightroom for iOS & Android phones.

How do I receive the presets after the purchase?

Once the payment is done you will recieve the Email with download link. Please save the WI Presets Pack on your computer and import them into Lightroom.

I purchased a preset pack. Where's my order confirmation/download link?

You will get the confirmation e-mail with download link within maximum 6 hours after the payment.

If you can't find it in your inbox: 1) check your Spam folder 2) send us hello@weddingphotoinspiration.com the mail together with the name + email address which you used for your order (you probably just misspelled your email address)

What can I do, if I purchased the presets, but can't download the Zip file?

Drop us a note at hello@weddingphotoinspiration.com in case there are any issues during purchasing/downloading process

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns for digital products! Advice and help will be always provided in case you need assistance hello@weddingphotoinspiration.com

How to install WI Presets?

Please find all instructions in your Email

Can I share the presets purchased here with others?

No, it's illegal to redistribute any presets purchased at WeddingPhotoInspiration.com

Do WI resets work on different camera platforms like Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony etc.?

We have tested our presets on various systems such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, without any issues. WI Presets use the current (2012) process and Adobe Standard Profile. Please check if your camera platform is compatible with these camera calibration profiles before purchasing.
For better result please adjust exposure, contrast & temperature to achieve your desired look.

I did not shoot RAW, can I apply these presets also on JPG files?

The presets sold here are developed to be applied on RAW files, they are not designed to be used editing JPG files.

I have questions, please help! I have technical difficulties, please help!

In case of any questions please email us at hello@weddingphotoinspiration.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With Love , W / I

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Email: hello@weddingphotoinspiration.com

Russian Federation, Moscow
Individual entrepreneur Hubchyk Dzianis Anatol'evich

TIN 773435624042