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Your photos at @WeddingPhotoInspiration & @WIPresets !

Are you using WI Presets for editing your photos?

Share with us best of your photos (before and after editing) and we will publish them here:

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Instagram @WIPresets (1700 followers)

Here we go:
- fill in the application
- attach the original picture without edition (JPEG) + attach photo with WIPresets edition (JPEG)
- don't forget to mention your @InstagramProfile
- you can attach your 10 best pictures

p.s. : please tag @WIPresets at your Instagram posts

WI Team will do:

- choose best of your photos among your uploads
- post your picture BEFORE and AFTER with a link to your Instagram @profile

Thank you so much in advance!
WI team
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Upload your PHOTOS
Before ( Original ) & After ( WI Presets edition )
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